Here at the Doremus Law Firm we know how to help with your motor vehicle offenses, from reducing fines to minimizing penalties, we have the know how to produce the best possible results for South Carolina traffic tickets and violations and may even be able to get your fine lowered or dismissed.

Traffic Violations



CDL Violations

Traffic offenses concerning a Commercial Driver License can endanger your career. However, having a job that keeps you on the road your job can take you all over the country and for South Carolina residents we can help with traffic tickets from whatever state they may be from.


Being charged with drinking and driving is a severe offense, but it doesn't make you a criminal. While your first DUI can produce a fine and a suspended license, your second DUI can carry jail time. When that happens, you require someone who has knowledge with the system to assure you are represented justly. The Doremus Law Firm will fight these charges to help decrease the impact on your driver’s license and insurance premiums.

Traffic Violations

Before accepting the consequences related to a traffic offense charge, contact us to talk about your choices. Not only could your insurance premiums go up, but you could lose your license for consecutive violations. We have the experience needed to handle everything from minor non-moving traffic violations and speeding tickets to severe DUI accusations.

-Speeding tickets
-Road rage or reckless driving citations
-Hit and run
-Fleeing the scene of an accident
-Driving on a revoked or suspended license
-Driving without insurance
-Driving without a license
-Any other moving violations


There can often be hidden risks in representing yourself, like lack of knowledge when dealing with legal records and providing arguments. The increase in points on your driver’s license and possibly higher insurance expenses may far surpass the reasonable cost of obtaining a knowledgeable lawyer. Contact Gary Doremus at The Doremus Law Firm today for a proper evaluation of your case.


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