DUI (Driving Under Influence)

DUI is when a person is operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. DUI is typically when an individual is under the influence of alcohol, You can also be charged with DUI when an Individual is operating a motor vehicle under the influence of other drugs such as prescription medication or marijuana. They both carry fines and jail time.

Alcohol related DUI's are determined by a person's BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). A breathalyzer is administered, and usually, by state law, the illegal limit of alcohol consumption on a breathalyzer is a reading .08 or higher. However, sometimes a blood test can be given if the officer feels the breathalyzer is/was faulty. A sobriety test usually determines Drug related DUI's. Some examples are walking in a straight line, reciting ABCs, and the pen test ( an officer may ask a person to follow the pen with their eyes and not move their head while doing so.)

Which Is Worst? Drug related DUI or Alcohol Related DUI?

Both carry fines or jail time, The consequences of DUI can be 90 days to several years ( if you are repeated offender). DUI is deadly, in 2017 South Carolina statistics stated that drunk drivers caused 33% of traffic accidents. This is higher than the average national percentage of 29%. If a drunk driver kills a person, the charges can range from manslaughter to murder. DUI consequences are getting stricter. This is because drunk driving can result in accidents and even death.

Second offense:

-Misdemeanor; mandatory sentence of 60 days in prison

Third offense:

- A Mandatory sentence of 90 days in jail

Fourth offense:

- A mandatory sentence of six months in prison

Did You Know?

-Drunk drivers are seven times more likely to crash than that of a sober driver.

-Alcohol-related incidents cost the U.S around 51 billion dollars each year

-Every 51 minutes someone is killed in a drunk driving accident

-Someone is injured every 4 minutes from someone Driving Under The Influence



In summary:

DUI is sadly a common offense committed in the U.S. The charges carry severe consequences and can, make it harder for someone to get work and maintain a job. If you or a loved one is facing DUI charges having a lawyer who is experienced in DUI cases is essential. Self-representation usually ends up being a waste of time, as a knowledgeable lawyer has the training to use your rights and state laws to identify any faults in conviction. Let the Doremus Law Firm handle your DUI charges for you so that you can rest knowing you will get the best outcome possible.





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